Setting higher standards, promoting
advanced care for all Long Islanders

The 10 hospitals of the Long Island Health Network joined together in 1998 to improve their clinical quality, enhance their operational efficiency, and expand access to care for the 2.8 million residents of Nassau and Suffolk Counties.

Thanks to the efforts of thousands of employees at LIHN hospitals, more Long Islanders receive the highest level of evidence-based medical care, with a focus on lower costs, than ever before. Here are some of the ways we work together to improve healthcare delivery in our communities:

Standardizing care delivery

Our goal is to provide you with the same high level of medical care, no matter which hospital you choose in our network. To make it happen, we have established a single integrated approach to measuring and improving the quality of healthcare throughout our 10 member hospitals.

Improving quality through evidence-based care

LIHN's standards of care are derived from the most advanced medical research. A committee made up of top physicians from each LIHN hospital continuously reviews publicly available "best practices" research to refine LIHN's guidelines for patient care. As a result, LIHN hospitals' rate of quality improvement outpaces the average improvement of U.S. hospitals.

Improving efficiency and reducing costs

Reducing the cost of delivering high-quality care to the communities we serve is an important goal of LIHN. Our hospitals work together to become more efficient by sharing strategies for operational cost savings and seeking out new business partnerships with insurance companies.

Expanding access to needed services

In an era when healthcare is increasingly dominated by large, centrally governed hospital systems, LIHN hospitals continue their focus on delivering community-based care and collaborating with insurers' efforts to expand local access to affordable health insurance products.